ABB String Inverters PVS 100/120- TL

The PVS-100/120-TL is ABB's cloud-connected, three-phase string inverter solution that will provide cost advantages to solar power plants in both field and large power plant applications.

• 6 autonomus MPPT circuits
• Inverter without transformer
• 120 kW for 480 Vac and 100 kW for 400 Vac
• Wi-Fi as standard for configuration
• Two ethernet ports for facility level communication
• Numerous custom network code sets that can be selected directly in the field
• Dual stage topology for wide input range
• Possibility of both vertical and horizontal installation
• Separate wiring compartment for quick swap and exchange
• IP66 environmental protection
• Maximum efficiency up to 98.9%


More power with high level of integration
Easy installation
Fast integration
ABB solar plant portfolio integration
Design flexibility and shade tolerance

Product Catalouge TIKLAYIN
Product CatalogueTIKLAYIN
ABB String Inverters PVS-50/60-TL

The PVS-50/60-TL is ABB's cloud-connected three-phase string solution that enables cost-effective photovoltaic systems for both commercial and field applications.

3 autonomous MPPT - 50/60 kW power class
• Horizontal and vertical installation
• Hinges and latches placed on the door
easy access to the junction box thanks to
• Power module and junction box in one compact case
• Wi-Fi for commissioning and configuration
• Reactive power management feature
• Remote monitoring and software update via ABB cloud platform (without datalogger)
• Provides 10% more power in case of low ambient temperature.
• It can work up to 4000mt with its advanced working height.
• Built-in dynamic feed control algorithm


"More power with high level of integration"
Ease of installation
Fast system integration
ABB solar plant portfolio integration
Design flexibility and shade tolerance