Circuit Breakers

High quality and reliability are the main features of ABB low voltage circuit breakers. High performance in all conditions, safe to use products and easy replacement of components are always guaranteed.

Formula Circuit Breakers


The SACE FORMULA series is available in three case sizes: A1, A2 and A3 up to 630A Ready to use Fixed thresholds on trip units, pre-wired versions of accessories and FORMULA Link save time in putting FORMULA into service. Easy to order and use 1,2,3 and 4 pole versions up to 250A, lossless and common pluggable accessories range up to 50°C Compact and competitive Extremely compact dimensions and coordinated depths, standardized dimensions in the design of distribution boards and means savings.

Emax Circuit Breakers


From circuit breaker to power manager up to 6300A, SACE Emax 2 open circuit breakers are designed to increase efficiency. It is the only breaker that protects the electrical circuits and also reduces the energy consumption according to the user's needs, thus providing great reductions in energy wastage. The breaker includes a protection trip relay with an integrated power controller that measures and evaluates energy consumption and manages loads to maintain or reduce peak power usage. Efficiency and control Dedicated load management to reduce power absorption by up to 20% and reduce energy bills. Built-in multimeters with 0.5% Voltage, 1% Current and 2% Power measurement for even remote monitoring. Connection Full integration into smart grids, buildings and industrial plants is possible. Up to 30% time savings for cable connections. Yield Four sizes available. Compact dimensions and high performance. Up to 25% cost savings on both plating and copper. Ease of use and safety All stages from design to day-to-day operations are simplified while increasing efficiency. Up to 15% time savings for terminal connection setup. Unique alarm monitoring and network analyzer for best service continuity.

Tmax XT Circuit Breakers


Tmax XT compact circuit breakers become smaller and smaller in size, are easy to install and guarantee an extremely high level of performance while providing increasingly better safety. The series is complete with four frame sizes: XT1, XT2 to 160A and XT3, XT4 to 250A. High breaking capacity in compact dimensions provides traditional limiting features, copper and footprint savings in the cabinet, high selectivity values ​​and very compact motor protection solutions. Ease of use and installation flexibility A special range of accessories and a renewed solution for electronic trip units to adapt the Tmax XT to different application scenarios. Customized protection and information availability Special electronic trip units for energy measurement, motor protection and generator protection in addition to Modbus communication module for integration into a control system. Increased safety for operators A wide selection of keyed locks and padlocks, snap-on and pull-out versions to speed up maintenance, and advanced diagnostics to have out-of-the-box information on the status of breakers.