EV Charge

ABB Wall Mounted AC Charging Units

The EVLunic wall mounted AC charger provides a high quality yet cost effective electric car charging solution. The unit, which has an easy-to-assemble and compact design, can be installed in homes or workplaces.

4.6kW and 11kW AC charging capability
22 kW AC fast charging capability
"Inaccessible electronic card compartment"
Easy installation
"Connectivity for Pro S and Pro M devices OCPP 1.5 and load management"
Load management
Compact design
"All-weather body for indoor and outdoor use"

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DC Stations For Rechargeable Hybrid Vehicles
Time saving with easy installation Space-saving thanks to its compact design High quality with more security "Extra cost savings thanks to DC residual current protection"
Highway gas / service stations
Urban / rural areas
commercial fleet operators
"Electric vehicle charging infrastructure operators and service providers"
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Terra 54 Multi-station Standart DC Charging Unit

Terra 54 CCS supports CHAdeMO and AC output types and offers new connector holders for ease of use. It complies with all relevant international standards, including the EMC Class B norm, which is officially required for safe operation in residential, office, shopping and gas station locations. The redesigned cabinet improves usability and reliability. All cradles offer integrated Connected Services that allows for remote monitoring, diagnostics, statistics and software updates.

"50 kW DC fast charger supporting CCS, CHAdeMO and Type 2 AC (optional) charging"
"22 / 43 kW AC cord or 22 kW AC outlet (optional)"
"Design that can provide full output power continuously and reliably throughout its life"
"IEC 61000 EMC Class B certified for use in industrial and residential areas (gas stations, shopping malls, offices, etc.)"
"Future-ready connectivity through open standards, including remote uptime monitoring and support, updates and upgrades"
Daylight readable touchscreen
"Graphic visualization of the charging process"
RFID authorization
Robust stainless steel enclosure
Quick and easy installation