State-of-the-art AC500 easily programmable. Logic controllers easily scale and adapt to your desired system. AC500 offers the most suitable solution thanks to the industrial field communication protocols and network solutions it supports in the most preferred automation environments, thanks to its "Single Platform". With flexible and scalable CPUs, the performance you need is always with you.

AC500 V3 PLC

AC500 V3 PLCs meet the users with their advanced features and high performance.

PM56XX The new CPU family offers high hardware performance, OPC UA, advanced WebVisu, object-oriented programming capability, selectable communication programs and much more.

• Increased features and performance • Improved application flexibility and streamlined engineering • State-of-the-art product features tailored to your needs • Open system architecture compatible with third party systems • New HTML5 based web server • Free up space in the electrical panel with integrated features • Safety and reliability • PLC with functional safety • Protect your existing investments • Improved engineering, programming and debugging


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S500-eCo I/O modules
• Central I/O expansion for AC500 and AC500-eCo CPUs
• Can be used with DC551-CS31, CI52x-MODTCP, CI50x PROFINET, CI592-CS31, CI54x PROFIBUS, CI51x EtherCAT and CI58x CAN open modules.
(Cannot be used with DC505-FBP and CI590-CS31-HA modules.)
Digital I/O
• DC modules can be used as digital inputs or outputs, depending on the configuration.
Analogue I/O
• Each channel can be configured separately. • Resolution: - AI561, AO561, AX561: 12 bits/11 bits + sign bit. - AI562, AI563: 15 bits + sign bit.
Positioning module • Used with AC500 or AC500-eCo CPUs.
• Used with CI50x-PNIO and CI54X-DP communication modules.
• FM562 module has 2 PTO outputs, built-in profile generator to realize two different axis control.


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AC500-S Safetly PLC family

AC500-S Safety PLC is the right choice for your complex applications where you need high stability, efficiency and flexibility. AC500-S Safety PLC will be the most suitable PLC choice for all kinds of cranes, wind turbines, robots and machinery applications that aim to protect people, the environment, your investments and your machinery or production lines.

"2 internal RS232/RS485 configurable serial ports"
"Status monitoring with display screen and 8 function keys"
"10 modules that can be installed next to the PLC (S500 and S500-eco can be mixed together)"
Addition of 4 communication modules
"External data and program backup recording with optional SD card slot"
"Can be used in addition to PROFIBUS, CANopen or PROFINET IO communications with CM82-DP, CM588-CN or CM589-PNIO communication
modules" "Web Server and IEC 60870-5-104 can be used in Ethernet supported PLCs"